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Best-selling Author

My book Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life has become an international bestseller. In the book, I explore simple life lessons that remind us that we gain more from letting go.

Musician & Director

I write/direct/edit many of my own music videos, and have been working towards doing the same for other artists, check out my work here

Fashion Designer

I've been designing my own shirts for years, and have now created a collection for others to enjoy. Click here to check out some of my most popular designs.

Spoken Word Artist

I started as a Spoken Word artist, and perform regularly, here's a spot I did for Apple's very first "Shot on iPhone" campaign in Canada.

Public Speaker

I speak to Universities, colleges, organizations, and companies, sharing my story, as well sharing ideas for others in the worlds of education, leadership and self development. Click here to get more information on booking me for your next event 


I've been privileged enough to work with some great bands on some awesome project, and connecting them with causes I care about. Check out this one with Cadbury, where we raised money for kids in Ghana to have bicycles to turn their long walks to school into short rides. To learn more about brand partnerships click here

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Beard Model

​Nobody has ever paid me to model my beard yet, but I figure if I put it out there someone might.



I'm a former school teacher turned creative.
What began as reciting spoken word poetry in coffee shops to impress girls evolved into a creative adventure that has spanned the last 10 years; crossing genres, mediums and oceans.

I'm now an author, hip-hop artist, speaker, designer, filmmaker, and creative consultant. I've made a lot of mistakes along the way and share the lessons I've learned for all those looking to have a better life. There is a common thread that flows through my work, even if it's just a strand of my beard. 

Check out my work below: 



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